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Five Great Restaurants in Barcelona

From enticing natural beauty, thriving art scene, hip nightlife to divine food, its one destination you wish you had explored long ago. One of the traits that add undisputable charm to Barcelona is its exciting culinary range, especially its spectacular southern restaurant that includes everything from local sweet tea to enticing fried chicken. The best thing about southern food is the nostalgia it evokes as if it was prepared with unparallel love of your grandma as the main ingredient.

Personally, my favorite is the barbecue hot-link sandwich. It never seemed to matter which restaurant we decided to go to when we were in the Bay Area, I was always happy with the hot-link dish (hot-link sausages) or hot-link sandwich. The sauce is the best I have ever tasted; even better than what I was used to when we were in Barcelona. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a sweet sauce, which you can also get in a spicy version. My favorite item on the menu is the bbq hot-link sandwich, followed by the beef tri-tip, which is a close second. This is probably because I like spicy foods. The tri-tip is more so sweet, and the hot-links are spicy.

Today, more than anything, the city is synonymous with art. Aside from its numerous venues, it uniquely features its Gallery Walk program, in which exhibits are displayed at some 50 locations throughout town on the first Friday of every month, some accompanied by live music and others by the artists themselves. Numbered, each display corresponds to the description, location, and route of the guide published monthly.

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